Do Hamsters Blink? The Shocking Truth about Your Furry Friends

Yes, hamsters do blink. Hamsters blink just like humans, but since they have transparent eyelids, it’s often a bit more difficult to notice.

Hamsters make wonderful pets and are an excellent choice for those who have limited living space. These little critters are known for their furry coat, small size, and adorable squishy faces. However, have you ever wondered if hamsters blink? As it turns out, hamsters do blink just like humans.

The only difference is that hamsters have transparent eyelids which make their blinks more difficult to notice. In this article, we will explore the world of hamster blinks, including why they blink, what their blink rate is, and more.

Do Hamsters Blink? The Shocking Truth about Your Furry Friends


Understanding The Eye Blinking Mechanism Of Hamsters

Hamsters blink, just like humans do. The anatomy of hamster eyes is different from humans, and their eyes are much larger in proportion to their body size. Hamster eyes contain a nictitating membrane, which is a third eyelid that helps to protect their eyes.

When a hamster blinks, this membrane moves across their eye to help remove any debris or dust that may have entered. Blinking also helps to keep their eyes lubricated and it allows the cornea to remove any excessive fluids. As a result, blinking is an essential part of a hamster’s vision and it plays a vital role in protecting their eyes from harm.

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Common Myths About Hamsters And Blinking

Hamsters are known for their big eyes, cute noses and chubby bodies, but have you ever wondered if they blink? The misconception that hamsters do not blink at all is actually false. They do blink, although not as frequently as humans do.

Hamsters blink one eye at a time, allowing them to keep an eye out for predators and potential danger while still being able to see. This way, they are prepared to react quickly if they need to run away or hide.

So, the next time you see your furry little hamster friend with its eyes closed, don’t be fooled. They’re still keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

The Frequency Of Blinking In Hamsters

Hamsters blink, just like humans. Their normal blinking rate is about one to two blinks per minute. Factors such as age, sex, and environment can affect the frequency of their blinking. For instance, baby hamsters blink more often than adult hamsters.

Additionally, a dry environment can cause hamsters to blink more frequently to lubricate their eyes. In contrast, hamsters in a relaxed state blink less. So, the frequency of blinking in hamsters varies depending on different factors. By understanding these factors, hamster owners can take better care of their pets.

Signs Of Abnormal Blinking In Hamsters

Hamsters are known to have fast and non-stop eye movements. Blinking is a part of their normal body language, which they do frequently. However, abnormal blinking may be a sign of a health problem. If you notice your hamster blinking more than often, or it seems like they’re having trouble keeping their eyes open, it could indicate an eye infection.

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Symptoms may include redness, swelling, cloudiness, or discharge. To check for eye infections, observe your hamster’s eyes closely, and look for discharge or swelling. You may also try wiping their eyes gently with a damp cotton ball to remove any discharge.

If you observe any symptoms, take them to a veterinarian specialized in small animals as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Do Hamsters Blink

Do Hamsters Blink Regularly?

Yes, hamsters blink regularly to protect their eyes and keep them moist.

How Often Do Hamsters Blink?

Hamsters blink frequently, up to 30 times per minute, to keep their eyes moist.

Can Hamsters Go Without Blinking?

No, hamsters cannot go without blinking. Blinking helps to protect their eyes and keep them healthy.


After researching and exploring the topic of whether hamsters blink or not, we have come to the conclusion that hamsters do blink, but not as frequently as humans. It’s an automatic reflex that is necessary for their eye health and to protect their eyes from potential threats such as dust particles or foreign objects.

Although the frequency of blinking varies from one hamster species to another, it’s an essential function for keeping their eyes moisturized. Understanding the eye health of our furry friends is crucial as it allows us to provide better care for them.

So, the next time you see your hamster with its eyes closed, know that it’s not asleep – it’s just blinking! By taking care of our pets, we will ensure that they live a healthy and comfortable life.

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